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Animal Welfare Initiatives

Protecting the weak and helpless, be it a plant, an animal or a human being, is a #dharma of every single human being and #dharma is the lifeline that keeps the creation going... says Yogi Ashwiniji.
thats why.. Animal Welfare forms an integral part of the many service initiatives that #DhyanFoundation  has undertaken to help aid creation. The volunteers rescue, rehabilitate and take care of any animal in need, and have started dedicated programs for cows, dogs, monkeys and birds. 
Know more: Feed A Dog Help a Monkey Save A Cow Befriend A Bird

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Guru Poornima Celebrations

30th July, Guru Poornima Celebrations with Yoga Guru Yogi Ashwini, 6:30-8:30pm. To participate in world wide Yagyas and Siddhi Mantra Chanting, register at 09899168882 / 09820262024 Or register online-
Guru Poornima-

In search of truth

Have you ever wondered what is it that we are searching for? People carry their whim's and fancies while searching the eternal truth, but can one see a coin lying at river bed when water is dirty and not still....? No, similarly we cannot search for eternal truth outside, it is inside the being. Only when the water is still and clean can one see the coin lying on the river bed.
Just close your eyes and see what is it that is going inside the brain…give it two minutes. You will realize that there are so many thoughts that are running inside you…so many different things you want – children, family, spouse, business, emotions. All these thoughts indicate to you what is the desire of soul. And it is because of these thoughts or desires that you are unable to go beyond human existence and you are unable to find peace and happiness in the human body
Only when you will silence your mind, only then you will be able to go beyond. Then your thought process is going to be on creation. Creation,…

Fight Nicotine Addiction

The habitual use of tobacco in any form constricts the arteries to such an extent that the blood flow gets affected. All those who try to quit smoking experience at least one or more of these symptoms: cravings to smoke, difficulty concentrating, nervousness, restlessness, irritability, anxiety, cognitive impairment, increased appetite and, eventually, weight gain. So much so that it becomes a constant struggle to overcome this addiction. Many times, people shift their addiction from one substance to another. A tried and tested way to reduce all these symptoms is to practice Sanatan Kriya.
The habitual use of tobacco in any form constricts the arteries to such an extent that the blood flow gets affected. To unclog the arteries, you need to ensure that the prana (life force) is appropriately distributed in your body. For this, you need to learn yogic breathing.
So, first sit in vajrasana. As you inhale, you fill …

Time travel with yoga

Physics acknowledges the possibility to move from one dimension of time to another. So do yoga and sanatan kriya, says Yogi Ashwani

The Vedic masters revealed that when we go near a heavy or grosser object — the one which is weightier — then the speed of time slows down. One might argue that the speed of the second hand of a watch remains the same irrespective of our location on earth and so time moves at a constant speed. However, recently scientist Stephen Hawking did a study on this and said that time-travel (which involves moving from one dimension of time to another) is possible and that is only because time is not the same everywhere. Somewhere time moves faster and somewhere else it moves slower. And this gap between slow and fast is determined by the speed of light. If you move with the speed of light, then in every half an hour, you will move one hour, which means that if you are travelling at that speed, then if half an hour has passed in your watch, one hour …

Life is an experience

It is the desires that tie one to the individual consciousness. Once these are removed, the being becomes one with the supreme consciousness, writes Yogi Ashwini

Love is the four-letter word on which epics have been composed, movies based, songs and poems attributed. And yet, if you look at any great love story, you will find that the end is always tragic; the story ends with the separation of the lovers. The truth is that there is no such thing as love, and realising this is enlightenment.

Every person in the world is looking for love, yet there is hardly anyone who is aware of it. Today one spends a lifetime in the pursuit of the physical; lust and possession are mistranslated as love. Love actually is in letting go of the people you love, to give them the freedom to live their own; it lies in sacrifice and being there for them unconditionally without expecting anything in return. In the realm of energy, the colour pink translates as love. If you look around you will fi…

Relationships Explained The Yogic Way

We all know that we come in this world alone and go back alone. We will not be accompanied by anyone, no matter how close or dear we are to them, or they to us. Pause a minute and think: the majority of our problems stem from our near and dear ones. That is, relatives, immediate family, enemies and friends, not from someone unknown? You will also find that the root cause of arguments, fights, emotional turmoil, congestions, broken relationships and business losses are also these very people. So it is safe to conclude that for the greater part of our lives we get troubled, not by absolute strangers but by people who are known to us.

Your relationship with every individual is a result of basic principle--as you sow so shall you get--it is a mere give and take. This give and take is a pay-back of our karmas from our previous births and from this lifetime. You get associated with people because they need something from you and you need something from them too. Without any le…